RZ350 /RD350 Radiator Cooling Fan Kit



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This is a fan kit that will fit the Yamaha RZ350 & RD350 YPVS. 

This fan fits so perfectly that you'll wonder why Yamaha never put these on originally. This is basically a "bolt on" fan that doesn't require any modifications (cutting, welding or fabricating brackets) to fit. It is small enough to fit into the space the RZ/RD has to offer, yet big enough to bring the temp down to a safe temperature in just a few minutes. 

This in an actual radiator fan designed for use with the heat of a radiator. 

These RZ/RDmodels are known for getting very hot while in slow moving or stop and go traffic. With this fan attached to your radiator and turned on you will never see your temp needle near the red line again. This will fit the stock or high capacity aftermarket radiators. 

I have installed these fans on a dozen or so Rz's and they work great. 

This fan is a real must with a stock radiator and an added cooling bonus for the higher capacity radiators. All mounting hardware is included.

This kit may work with the RD350LC.  Although I don't have an "Elsie" to test it on I am willing to sell one of these fan kits to an RD350LC owner at a discount price if you are willing to send me photos of it installed on your bike.  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and want me to see if it will work, you can always drop by.

(The fan activation switch is NOT included with the kit)


If you are interested in one of these cool items or have any question  Email: fankit@2stroketuner.com


Videos below shows how efficient this fan kit really is: 


(above) Cooling down with manual switch turning fan on


(below) Fan activation with an auto temp sensor switch - 185 fan on / 170 fan off



Above video shows the fan turn on when the coolant reaches 185 degrees and turning off at 170 degrees.


















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